The human being like to have fun even more when he is at the state childhood.  It is through sensing and emotion that things gets best discovered and thought.


During each encounter, during each project it is the same philosophy we apply. Questioonng, finding new axes of development at the core of our approach by bringing meaning and creativity in every new design.


Everyone agrees that WE produce too much, consumer too much and often in a wrong, manner. , We concede that futil and useful are important but when creation brings meaning it reach a much stronger dimension and there reason to exist is real.


Our philosophy of creation is not related to the price of the product. It shouldn’t take into account wether it will be placed in a supermarket or a high end store. Creation starts by taking distance and think the product in a global approach .


Considering our work on child toys we are obvisously putting the accent on the final user and the kid. What counts is what the toy will bring to the child in terms of development, lucidity, teaching manipulation, becoming a help to achieve his dreams.


This is why we are always aiming at counting beautiful stories though our toys and creation.

Beautiful stories are essental for the kid. For example a pyramide that the kid must piled up will be a hend which will hide an egg somewhere.


All those stories that exist in our toys, are also there to create an exchange, a complicity between the parents and the kids during the time they spent playing. This relation contribute as much as the toy itself to help the baby grow and find his place in the world.


Playing is learning and learning while playing is extremely powerful and efficient.


For the new born our toys are in fact tools. Each toys box is a tool box. For each toy there is a function, a real meanng, something to learn. This is why we call them “educational toys”.

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