Lelong Lecomte is a creative house based in Paris which works in several area of designing and manufacturing product since 1994. We are specialized in toys.

This angle allows us to better approach the specificites that are related like the norms and regulations applied at a national and European level.


Anne Lelong is born in 1967 and has spent all her childhood in Martinique and has further studied in Paris. After one year learning history at La Sorbonne she decided to change direction and pursue a creative carreer by following the formation of the ESAG and the ESDI (School specialized in industrial design). She graduated in 1992.


- Start has a product designer at the Vitrac design strategy agency.

- Launch of Lelong Lecomte in 1994. In parrallel of her participation in Lelong lecomte she took part in the following projects.

- 1997- 2000: collaboration with the structure “Pa design”

- 2003 : Fulltime designer for the company Bawi and head of design


She has a strong passion for creation and the universe of toys under all aspcts. She particularly appreciate the exchange that happen between a designer and an industrial


Ferdinand Lecomte. Born in 1969, he has did all his studies in Paris. He started by an architecture training then school of applied art, the Charpentier academy and conclude his studies at ENSCI (Superior school for industrial creation).


- In 1994 launch of Lelong Lecomte. In parallel of his work he took part in the following projects:

- 1997/2000 collaboration with « Pa design »

- 2003 full time designer for the « BAWI” as head of product design


Ferdinand has always been passionate by making things happen, how and what technics are needed in order to have the largest amount of possiblities.


OUR NEWS. A blog to exchange, discuss, share with those we love like a lab of ideas and thought.

And soon you will find the website Ebulobo, a new strucutr to create and freely develop all our ideas.

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